Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible to identify funding services, resources, partnerships which culminate in providing assistance in financially supporting the overall growth of programs for its constituents. GSI has a fundraising platform, Network For Good, which is used for fundraising campaigns for sponsorships and individual donations.

Kate Edwards
Billie Bryant Schultz
Kerri Norris
Sarah Park

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the branding and communication styles for the organization. This includes GSI website, social media, newsletter, brand guidelines and communication plan.

Pembe Candaner
Rachel Bernstein
Nathan Candaner
Deborah Todd
Lily Lei
Brooke Covington

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for the expanding of current programs and develop new options for programs to include online microlearning center, entrepreneurship team challenges, live streaming events, master classes given by experts in multiple industries, and offer programming using the latest technology of AR, VR, and mixed reality.

Kate Edwards
Tom Furness
Vanesha Hari
Prabhleen Kaur
Arzu Ozbek
Melinda Shu