Girls STEAM Institute takes over NASA

2019 TEAM Challenge at NASA Ames Research Center

Girls STEAM Institute held its inaugural TEAM Challenge event with partnership of NASA at the prestigious NASA Ames Research Center at the heart of Silicon Valley. Our STEAMers and STEAM Parents had the amazing chance of listening to great minds like Ray Kurzweil, Kate Edwards, Dr Caroline Heldman, Pembe Candaner, Rachel Bernstein, and also participate in our annual TEAM challenge where they prototyped new businesses to combat real-world problems.

STEAM ahead and combat problems

At Girls STEAM Institute we believe in bringing the brightest, smartest Girls in STEAM to come together and work together towards a better world. It is their future. But we believe that we should start empowering them today. At our 2019 TEAM Challenge, STEAMers presented new and sophisticated solutions that have real world applications for existing major crisis.