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We globally enlighten and inspire girls to pursue STEAM Entrepreneurship and Leadership to make the world a better place

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What is STEAM?

Girls STEAM Institute empowers girls between 12-17 years old who are in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Athletics, and Mathematics. Our unique approach brings girls from diverse backgrounds to form teams and with the goal of developing a business concept and a digital application and pitching it to a panel of judges for cash prizes. Since our launch we have helped thousands of STEAMers. pioneer and pave new roads. Our goal is to build a sustainable global pipeline for inspiring and empowering girls to pursue innovation as STEAM entrepreneurs.

Meet our STEAMers

At Girls STEAM Institute we are aware that we are working with the future leaders of tomorrow! Our prime mission is to empower these Girls and unleash their true potential as they pursue their dreams. Meet some of our STEAMers that we are proud to work with.

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