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In 2022,  we are proud to announce the 2022 VR Team Business Challenge and will be announcing  more interactive, fun events.  

2022 VR Girls Team Business Challenge

July 16-17

october 8-9

About Girls STEAM Institute™
The Girls STEAM Institute™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering and inspiring girls 13-18 to pursue STEAM entrepreneurship and leadership.

About VR Girls Team Business Challenge

The Girls STEAM Institute™ Virtual Reality Girls Team Business Challenge is geared to educate and encourage young girls 12-17 to become entrepreneurs and solve world problems. Twelve girls were chosen by representing diversity in geography, age, culture and assigned to a team of 4 to develop a business with viable concepts to remedy the Climate Change Crisis and the Role of Technology and Saving Our Earth.


The Girls in STEAM Institute is a non-profit that enlightens and inspires girls globally to pursue S.T.E.A.M. entrepreneurship and leadership to build a sustainable international pipeline for inspiring and empowering girls to pursue innovation as STEAM entrepreneurs.


Event Location

Lance’s Underwater Intimate Theater
Code: RKD384

Features seating for approximately 60 people in an art deco style theater with lobby. The ceiling is transparent and features water movement overhead. Access from the front of the stage is by two wide, easy-to-use ramps.

Event Speakers

Dr. Tom Furness

Dr. Tom Furness is co-founder of the Virtual World Society and considered the grandfather of VR. For over 60 years, he has been a leader in immersive technology innovations that have touched the lives of millions around the world. He is a professor emeritus of the University of Washington’s Human Interface Technology Laboratory, one of the oldest XR labs in the world.

Prashant Shah

Prashant Shah will be discussing the Introduction to AI and its applications for Climate Change. He is the global head of Artificial Intelligence, Health, and Life Sciences at Intel, leading efforts to develop IoT, datacenter, and cloud-based AI platforms for medical imaging, electronic records, genomics, and drug discovery. He is also the AI advisor to the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us precision medical research program aimed to collect data over 10 years on over 1 million participants to establish the basis of wellness and disease.

Doug Hohulin

Doug Hohulin worked for 33 years at Nokia/Motorola in Strategy, Business Development, Account Management, and Engineering roles. He focuses on XR/Metaverse, Telecommunication, Intelligent Transportation (Automated Vehicles, Traffic Safety, UAV), Energy/Smart Grid, Digital Health, Telehealth, Education, Future of Work and Public Policy projects. He is a Volunteer Affiliate Faculty member at the University of Kansas School of Nursing supporting various XR projects. He is a KC Digital Drive Health Innovation Team member and on the University of Central Missouri Gigabit Lab Advisory Board.

Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards is a unique hybrid of an applied geographer, writer, and content culturalization strategist with a passion for global cultures and media technologies. With broad experience in the fields of geography, cartography, geopolitics and cross-cultural issues, she is a recognized thought leader in the information industry as related to inclusive representation, content management, and cross-cultural impacts of information and globalization. She is an award-winning Advocate, Forbes' Women 50 Over 50 List, Speaker, Advisor, Geographer and Culturalization Innovator at Geogrify, CXO/Co-Founder at SetJetters, Former Executive Director of the Global Game Jam and IGDA, and former Microsoft geopolitical strategist and now independent consultant for her company

Diane McClelland

Diane McClelland is the Co-Founder and CEO of Girls STEAM Institute. Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute is a nonprofit which focuses on engaging young girls ages 13-18 to explore becoming a social entrepreneur in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math fields. We are a group of women business owners and subject matter experts impassioned to reach more girls to help mentor them to develop self-confidence, team building and leadership skills, and tools to build successful businesses. Our focus is to showcase how technology, interpersonal and relationship skills, and business acumen are necessary ingredients in becoming a successful STEAM entrepreneur. She is the founder and former President and CEO of the Astra Society International and regional partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Deborah Todd MBA

former Executive Board member of the Producers Guild of American, member of the WGA, PGA, ATA, G100, NASW, and Girls STEAM Institute. She is an award-winning writer, designer, producer, editor working with developers, studios, production houses, and publishers worldwide, and served as the Senior Director Content Development in Science. Her innovative multimedia and multi-platform entertainment and transmedia development projects have explored the wide range of science including AI, astronomy, astrophysics, biology, biopharma, biotech, botany, chemistry, computer science, ecology, mathematics, neurobiology, environmental science and a wide range of life sciences. She’s published over 30 game titles as the sole designer, writer, or producer. Three of the games have over 1 million users and were awarded Best Interactive STory, Best Educational Software, and Top 12 Titles of the Year.

Event Schedule

Wednesday, July 13 – 4-5PM PT in Altspace VR for the girls and speakers to train – fairly open.

Open House
Thursday July 14 4PM PT
Code: DFC871