In a nutshell

ABOUT Girls STEAM Institute™

GSI uses Project-Based Learning (PBL) to teach girls how to ideate, innovate, and implement in a team setting to solve problems as entrepreneurs and leaders.

We employ Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to create tools for personal development such as leadership, critical and design thinking, team building, self-care, finance, and budgeting.

In partnership with the Virtual World Society, GSI embraces virtual STEAM Challenges, using VR to connect, learn, and engage in creating solutions to real-world problems.

We are working with the United Nations on three Sustainable Development Goals through 2030 to introduce our STEAMers to the important issues of Climate Change, Civic Duty, and Personal, Physical and Mental Health.

Girls STEAM Institute™ Empowering Leaders in STEAM

In 2014, Diane McClelland and Suzanne Lackman had a vision: Empower young girls to become entrepreneurial leaders in STEAM. They launched their first STEAM Challenge through a nonprofit women’s organization they founded and helmed, and three years later spun their highly successful girls entrepreneurship program into its own nonprofit: The Girls STEAM Institute™.

Since its inception, the STEAM Challenge has inspired hundreds of young girls ages 13-18 to pursue leadership roles in STEAM. Our graduates have become inspirational leaders in their communities, schools, and business. They are YOUNGA UN Ambassadors, are in Forbes 30 Under 30, and have authored a book.

Our girls have reached high for their education and professional goals, going to MIT, working at NASA, starting their own companies, and winning professional awards. Even while in high school, many have founded community and school organizations to help spread leadership and entrepreneurial skills to their classmates, promoting the value of an integrated education including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Athletics, and Mathematics.

Some of our graduates have even returned to us to serve on our Board.

Our Vision

Enlighten and inspire girls globally to pursue S.T.E.A.M. entrepreneurship and leadership.

Our Mission

Build a sustainable global pipeline for inspiring and empowering girls to pursue innovation as STEAM entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Fortune favors the bold. We empower our STEAMers to steam ahead against all obstacles.

We believe true leaders are ones who bring everyone together for a common goal. We cultivate leadership skills by empowering our STEAMers.

Serving the community is prime importance for us.

We see diversity as the prime factor of richness in our work and in our community. GSI is dedicated in breaking barriers and give EVERY girl the opportunity to pursue their potential.

We believe in new solutions to old problems. Our STEAMers think outside of the box in making the world a better place.

Our STEAMers value Integrity above all else. We understand that true competition is within ourselves, more than any other external factor. We push our potential while never departing from integrity.

Our Leadership

We are the leading organization globally empowering girls to advance in STEAM entrepreneurship and leadership. We make that happen with a world-class leadership team.

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from global backgrounds

Girls STEAM Institute™ is proud to have a team of Board of Directors who bring diversity of race, gender, age, industry and geography with experience to mentor young girls from various perspectives.

The Development Committee is responsible to identify funding services, resources, partnerships which culminate in providing assistance in financially supporting the overall growth of programs for its constituents. Girls STEAM Institute™ has a fundraising platform, Network For Good, which is used for fundraising campaigns for sponsorships and individual donations.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for the branding and communication styles for the organization. This includes GSI website, social media, newsletter, brand guidelines and communication plan.

The Programs Committee is responsible for the expanding of current programs and develop new options for programs to include online microlearning center, entrepreneurship team challenges, live streaming events, master classes given by experts in multiple industries, and offer programming using the latest technology of AR, VR, and mixed reality.

Advisory Boards
Billie Bryant Schultz
Rachel Bernstein
Dr. Judith Denery, Cana Technology